Frequently Asked Questions

What personal information does the site store? Only the minimum information needed for the operation of the site, we do not save any payment information or social security numbers (or their equivalent). All information is kept on the site, we do not pass on or sell to any third parties as per our terms of use.

How secure is the uploaded information? We use 256bit encryption through a SSL layer. Once a user has passed away, their messages are moved to off-line storage at 2 sites, we bring them back on-line in time to be delivered; from which point on they will remain on-line.

If I start to receive messages and I do not want them, can they be turned off? Yes, they can be turned off and turned on again when you are comfortable for that to happen. At the point of turning back on you can access all messages due to being sent up to the current date - it is never possible to access messages to be sent in the future.

What is a good use for this site? If you are a terminally ill parent of a young child, you can create Birthday wishes that they can receive on their Birthday and see their parent again in a unique (and hopefully fun) way.

If you are a parent being deployed by an armed force, again you can prepare messages so your family can remember you in case the worse happens.

Grandparents can record messages for their grandchildren, maybe them reciting a nursery rhyme and as the child gets older, you can recount some of your life experiences so your grandchild can see through your experiences how the world has changed.

What do I get for a $100 Package? $100 allows an email and a video to be sent to one recipient for the rest of the recipient's life. Obviously, this is an unknown, so when setting up the messages start with the younger messages and work through to the older ones. Each email and video should be unique, if you are creating messages to cover the age period 21 to 100, this will require 80 emails and up to 80 videos.

How does the Charity Code work? We have partnered with certain charities to give them 10% of your fee at checkout. The partner charities have been issued a code which you enter in the appropriate box whilst checking out. Please click here for a list of charities and codes.

How does the voucher work? You may have received a voucher for a package, just enter the code during checkout and the value of that package will be removed from the total. If you have a voucher for email + pictures and you would like to upgrade to email + videos, just pay the difference. (Note only 10% of the difference will be donated to a chosen charity.)

The site is designed to be as easy to use as possible. The key point is the activation of service; this can be performed a variety of ways:

Nominee select a nominee to contact us
Email we will email you monthly with a link to confirm you are still alive
Date Establish a date in the future which will activate the system

Once the service has been activated, the first thing is that we will try and contact the original subscriber to verify their status; in the event, we cannot contact them we will continue with activation.

A receiver will be able to log in and turn off or on the delivery of messages. If the receiver is a minor then this will need to be performed by their parent/guardian. There is never anything to pay to receive messages. Video and/or audio content will remain on the site and can be played back through the site only.

Videos can either be uploaded or recorded via a webcam. You have the chance to review and accept or re-record before they are confirmed to the system.

Do I need to upload all my messages at once? No, once you have purchased a package you can set up your messages one at a time, or as many as you want in one go. You just keep coming back to the "Message Center" for the appropriate recipient. We recommend to sign up and create your first message straight away so it is there just in case something happens to you.

Can I edit and delete my messages at a later time? Yes, they can always be changed, content can be changed. If necessary you can upgrade your subscription for the difference in subscription cost.

How do I define a date? Normally you would expect an event in the recipient's life, such as their birthday or wedding anniversary. Any date can be chosen, but only one date (month and day) can be chosen per subscription, then on this date every year they can receive your message.

What is the best way to upload videos? We recommend to prepare them first so they can be reviewed before upload though they can be recorded directly into the system on certain devices. We recommend a resolution of 640x360p 30fps for your videos, this can be set in the "Settings" of the Camera application on Windows 10.

What can I upload for a toddler? Yourself reciting a nursery rhyme or singing a song is a good start. Drop your hair and be as silly as you can, this is meant to be something to be enjoyed and not a somber experience.

What can I upload for my teenager? This will depend very much on the person. This is a good age for some recollections if the recipient is a soccer fan you may wish to recount a story of a memorable trip to a soccer stadium. Alternatively, you may wish to recount some of the funny mistakes you made.

Anything in general which makes a good upload? A recipient may find comfort in scriptures, choose a scripture which you think may be appropriate for their age, but be sure to also add something more personal.

I am a teenager and I want to deliver my parents messages, what can I do? Appalling jokes, the kind that makes you groan and a little sentimental statement.

Anything I should not put in my message? Important financial information, passwords, bank account details etc. etc. These require varying levels of encryption and standards from place to place which we do not support. This site is not intended for the purpose of passing on this kind of information.

Anything illegal, pornographic etc. is not allowed either. Please see our "Services Agreement" for more information.

Ideally, if you need to contact us, then we should have a record of you as a nominee. There will be situations where someone will contact us who is not a nominee, in either case we suggest you use the email at the following link as a template. Please (if possible) include the account number of the person which you are referencing.

Email Template

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